Our know-how

Multi-faceted know-how contributed by the member wineries


U2VBA has at its disposal techniques and equipments that combine tradition and modernity. Its cooperative wineries possess semi-subterranean barrel cellars to age their wines. At the same time, new methods, such as thermovinification, are used to obtain round and fruity wines. The wineries have also developed highly-advanced know-how in making white and rosé wines.







A demanding quality follow-up, serving diversity


U2BVA’s wineries are equipped with efficient traceability software that enables them to record all the information related to winegrowing and winemaking and to ensure a rigorous control of the plots. The “Agri Confiance” certification is being implemented and has already been obtained by some wineries for their control of the quality and their involvement in sustainable development approaches.

Satisfying the diverse requirements of our client

U2VBA therefore offers a large range of wines accessible to all categories of consumers: from generic wines to highly-qualitative wines, wines named after a Château from a rigorous selection of the best vineyards, rewarded wines, wines coming from integrated farming vines…