Coteaux de l'Isle Winegrowers


Created in 1936 by twenty or so voluntary winegrowers, the cooperative winery grows continuously in the forty’s and fifty’s. It reaches its maximum size with a capacity of 90 000 hectoliters. At this period, the production of white wine is very important in Maransin.

The varieties grown change progressively as winegrowers start planting red varieties (Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon) that make the fame of Bordeaux wines. The production area decreases during the last part of the XXth century. Guitres winegrowers join Maransin winegrowers in 2011 in order to slow the loss of winegrowing land and gather their production and sales forces.

The new cooperative enters U2VBA Union during harvest 2012.

KEY FIGURES67 winegrowers
300 hectares of vines
13 000 hectolitres of wine
Vignerons des Coteaux de l'Isle
1 Landournerie
33230 Maransin
T. 05 57 49 41 07


Equipments :

The winery inherited from its golden years a great capacity of concrete tanks, more than 20 000 hectoliters, which is ideal to store wines at a constant temperature.

It also uses about 10 000 hl of winemaking thermo regulated tanks.

Coteaux de l’Isle has invested recently in a « pre-fermentation maceration at warm temperature » unit. This equipment heats the harvest at 70°C and then cools it around 20°C. The fermentation then happens in solid phasis, which means that the juice ferments with the must (formed by the skins and the pips). This innovative technique brings a round body and smooth structure to Maransin wines.

Coteaux de l’Isle is the northern winery of U2VBA group. It is situated on the village of Maransin, North of Gironde department.  Vignes