United Growers of Monségur

The winery is located at the entrance of Monségur, a fortified town founded in the XIIIth century by Eléonore de Provence, who was married to the king of England and Duke of Aquitaine, Henri III Plantagenêt. The former particularly enjoyed this city where she used to rest after long journeys, and eat and drink to excess the good food and wine produced in the region.
On the 25th of May 1935, during the fair at Monségur, a handful of winegrowers talked about their problems in this period of crisis of the wine industry. That day, they bet on the reunion of their financial and human means to work together.
The following year, fifteen pioneer winegrowers created the Cooperative winery of Monségur and brought their first harvest to the recently built cellar. Convinced by the qualitative and economic success of their action, other winegrowers soon joined the group.
Since then, the winery has constantly evolved and today gathers close to 200 winegrowers who are very involved in the quality of their products.


Vineyard: Situated at the Southern end of the Entre-deux-Mers region, the vineyard extends over an undulating area of hillsides and plateaux mainly made of clay and limestone.

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Equipments :
Improvement and technical investments have been constant over the last thirty years.
Among the state-of-the-art equipments of the winery, we can mention the temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, the 3 pneumatic presses, the oak barrels cellar. The cellar reaches a capacity of 150 000 hectoliters.
In particular, the winery modernized the winemaking cellar in 2010 with:
- The creation of a self-emptying cellar of 10 000 hl to carry out the winemaking of Châteaux ;
- The purchase of a pre-fermentation at warm temperature unit with capacity of 30 000 hectoliters, to elaborate modern-type wines.
FIGURES185 winegrowers
1 400 hectares
70 000 hectoliters of wine
Les Vignerons Réunis de Monségur
1 Grand Champ
33580 Le Puy
T. 05 56 61 61 85