Saint-Pierre d'Aurillac winery

St Pierre d’Aurillac winery was born in 1920 from the will of winegrowers coming from 10 surrounding villages to define and control the production rules of their white wines from Côtes Supérieures de Bordeaux Saint Macaire. This handful of winegrowers were at the cutting edge of the creation of controlled appellations.
In 1930, the winery only blended and stored the wines produced by its members. The cooperative winery was atypical as it aged and sold the wines but did not carry out their winemaking. The wines were taken to St Pierre winery once their alcoholic fermentation was over.
It is only from 2000 that St Pierre winery has undertaken to invest in an unloading dock and stainless steel tanks to be able to carry out the winemaking.


Location :
Saint Pierre winery is situated in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard, in the Southern part of the Entre-deux-Mers region. On the hillsides that overlook the Garonne river, terroirs are formed of gravels and clay on a calcareous subsoil. In the plain, soils are composed of silt and sand.


cv aurillac1
cv aurillac2 Equipments :
The winery owns 36 000 hectoliters of tank capacity, entirely temperature-controlled.
Regarding environment, it has a performing covered treatment station for winemaking waste.
Another remarkable asset is the 3 cold rooms still present in the cellar, that were used to store fruits. Indeed, big orchards were on the banks of the Garonne river in the 70’s along with the vines.
FIGURES35 winegrowers
250 ha of vines
13 500 hectoliters of wine
1 rue des coopératives
33490 Saint Pierre d'Aurillac
T. 05 56 63 54 84