Gironde-sur-Dropt Winery "La Girondaise"

La Girondaise winery was created by a handful of winegrowers with the aim of providing commercial outlets for their whole production.
Built in 1933, on a slope in Gironde sur Dropt, the architecture of this winery is a real maze. It has kept on growing until today.


Vineyard: The vineyard is located in the South of the Entre-deux-Mers region in the Dropt valley.
Most of the farms that belong to La Girondaise are certified by the AgriConfiance® label as they follow the Integrated vineyard management process.

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The historical wine cellar is based on the laws of gravity; the grapes are tipped from above and fall through 4 floors, throughout a long maturation and transformation process.
A much more modern cellar was built in 1999, with double floor tanks adapted to the height of the building.
The tanks capacity represents 6 million liters. The winemaker works among other things with an equipment of warm pre-fermentation maceration for the red wines, and with three performing pneumatic presses.
FIGURES47 winegrowers
440 hectares
26 000 hectoliters of wine
Coopérative Vinicole La Girondaise
5 Saussier
33190 Gironde-sur-Dropt
T. 05 56 71 10 15