Mesterrieux Winery "Les côteaux d'Albret"

Les Coteaux d’Albret winery was built in 1935, very close to Castelmoron d’Albret, the smallest village in France.
Named after Henri IV’s mother, Jeanne d’Albret, and with a former train station as a barrel cellar, the winery combines tradition and history.


Vineyard: The vineyard of Coteaux d’Albret, as its name indicates, is situated in the heart of an undulating landscape in the South of the Entre-deux-Mers region. The terroirs are mainly made of clay and limestone, but some are composed of silt and sand in the Dropt valley.
Many winegrowers from Mesterrieux have chosen to convert their farms to Organic farming.

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The total tanks capacity of the winery is 115 000 hectoliters.
FIGURES80 winegrowers
980 hectares
62 000 hectoliters of wine
Cave de Mesterrieux
15 Martinaud
33540 Mesterrieux
T. 05 56 71 41 07