Sainte-Radegonde Winery "Les Veyriers"

Les Veyriers winery was built in 1935 in the heart of the medieval village of Sainte Radegonde.
Monks attracted by the existence of a fountain created in this place a monastery where queen Radegonde took refuge in the VIth century and gave her name to the village.


Vineyard: The hillsides that overlook the Dordogne river, a few kilometers south of Castillon-la-Bataille, are the domain of Sainte Radegonde winery. The terroir, mainly made of clay and limestone, is particularly favourable for the production of long-ageing red wines.
The winery is determinedly involved in the Integrated vineyard management, as 70% of the area is certified AgriConfiance®.
The men and women who own Les Veyriers are particularly mindful of preserving the heritage of their winery and their land, transmitted from generation to generation for more than a century.

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Its architectural roof, was used in the past to collect rainwater and the harvest reception site offers panoramic views of the whole winery. This architecture is unique in our region.
The wide dimensions of the winery and the layout of the equipments offer exceptional brightness and working convenience.
The winery members are constantly looking for technical and oenological innovations. They use recent techniques such as the warm pre-fermentation maceration of the harvest or the micro-oxygenation of the wine. However, they remain faithful to the traditions and use traditional fermentations and long macerations to get top-end wines.
FIGURES50 winegrowers
500 hectares
30 000 hectoliters of wine
Cave de Ste Radegonde
1 le Bourg
33350 Sainte-Radegonde
T. 05 57 40 53 82