Langoiran Winery "Cellier de Graman"

Cellier de Graman was born in 1967 from the will of four winegrowers to create a common cellar in order to face the crisis in the wine business. That year, the harvest was good and the quality of the wines convinced the producers and the surrounding consumers. A group of about forty winegrowers therefore was set up over the years and the success of Langoiran winery is now fully achieved.


The appellations produced at Langoiran winery are multiple and diverse. In addition to the traditional AOP Bordeaux red, rosé and white, Cellier de Graman produces an excellent Bordeaux Clairet.

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Equipments : Cellier de Graman winery has a storage capacity of 30 000 hectoliters, with mainly stainless steel tanks, entirely equipped with a temperature control system. Among the interesting equipments, we can mention the vibrating reception platform that preserves the quality potential of the harvested grapes, as well as the nitrogen production plant. FIGURES34 winegrowers
170 hectares
9 500 hectoliters of wine
Le Cellier de Graman
25 Route Créon
33550 Langoiran
T. 05 56 67 09 06